Medical Information efficiency and quality review

We all want to be efficient - do the right things correctly, to the required standard and without wasting time.

But it's not always easy. You might not have the time, the skills, knowledge, or the impartiality.

We can critically look at what you are doing and make recommendations about how you can improve to make better use of people, resources, systems and improve processes.

How does it work?

  • Assessing your Medical Information department usually takes a minimum of four days, including the report.
  • We understand your department – SOPs, structure, aims and issues.  Then speak to the team to understand your systems and see your processes in action. Then we write a detailed recommendation report.
  • We are listen to your aims and are look for inefficiencies and improvements.
  • We will also check that your Medical Information department is being compliant.

As an extra we can also review your call quality and gain feedback about your service from your key customers, such as Sales and Marketing.

Who does the review?

  • The whole project is carried out by Jayne Packham, an expert in Medical Information with more than 28 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Jayne is an experienced change-manager and is very skilled at seeing which changes will make the biggest time and cost savings or the biggest improvements.

Our review success stories

Our independent reviews are often a catalyst for change.  As a direct result of our work, companies have been able to:

  • Recruit extra staff
  • Justify stopping unnecessary processes that are not contributing towards business activities
  • Improve relationships with Sales and Marketing colleagues and be recognised as a valued department
  • Justify extra locum support to sort at risk projects

To find out more…

To discuss a review, please get in touch.