ABPI Code of Practice introduction (half day)

We are an award-winning training company specialising in ABPI Code of Practice training. We support 80-100 pharmaceutical and supporting agencies every year providing relevant and engaging training. We make the Code come to life.

Introduction to the ABPI Code of Practice training

Our 3-hour self-directed, online eLearning course will give you a solid introduction to the ABPI Code.  This course is aimed at anyone who is new to the Code and wants to understand the governance, principles and the key clauses to get you started.  There are six separate modules covering:

  • Background to the Code – why have a Code?
  • The four key principles
  • Promotion requirements
  • Digital materials – adverts, websites and social media
  • Meetings and events
  • Non-promotional activities

The course is interactive with regular quizzes and activities and a course completion certificate.  It focuses on the key Code points and practical examples rather than specific Code cases.  If you want to hear about Code cases, check out our higher level courses.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at anyone who is new to the ABPI Code of Practice and wants to understand the governance, principles and the key clauses to get you started.  We’ve lost count of how many people have taken this course – hundreds and probably thousands!  It is highly regarded across the industry and is used in a number of ways.

  • As part of staff onboarding training when they first join a pharmaceutical company or agency.
  • To plug a training gap quickly for a group, rather than juggling dates and waiting for a team session.
  • To upskills international employees needing to better understand the UK Code requirements.
  • People looking for their first role in the industry, wanting to know more about the Code and preparing for a job interview.

If you’re working in the pharmaceutical industry or an agency and are involved in creating materials or doing activities covered in the Code, you need to be trained on the Code – it is a Code requirement.  This course is a great starting point to upskill and reduce the company’s risk of Code breaches.

It’s not for you if already have Code knowledge or prefer a live session with the chance to ask questions to a Code expert.  Some of our other courses will be more suitable.

Course logistics

This is a self-directed online course.  It is available on-demand 24/7 when you need it. You can fit the course around your other commitments, stopping and starting the course – we’ll also remember where you got to.  You’ll need online access and a device with speakers to hear the audio recordings.  You’ll make notes as you go.


This introduction course costs £175 + VAT per person.  You can take the course once and you must complete it within 6 months.  We’ll email you a completion certificate.

How to buy the course

You can buy the course online through our eLearning store. Add it to your cart, create an account, pay by card and get started straightaway.

If you’re looking to buy several places, you can also do this during the checkout process and assign the course to other people.  Or we can invoice you, set up a voucher code and give you simple instructions to share with your team.  It is really easy.

What do people think of the course?

We always give people the option to rate the course and leave a comment.  The course currently has a fantastic overall rating of 5/5.  You can read all the course reviews, but here are a selection.

“Great course!  Very engaging.”

“Very comprehensive overview, so helpful and a really well made learning module.”

“A really helpful, interactive and dynamic guide!”

“Really intuitive and engaging throughout.”

Any questions?

Do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.