ABPI Code of Practice expert

As an award-winning training company with more than 20+years training on the ABPI Code of Practice, it is not surprising that we offer expert training.

Expert ABPI final signatory training

If you’re working in the pharmaceutical industry and are an aspiring ABPI final signatory, a Code champion who needs in-depth knowledge or maybe you just want to take your Code knowledge to the next level, this is the course for you.

This is our flagship expert course giving you expert in-depth knowledge of the Code, relevant examples and case scenarios to enable you to really understand the practical application of the Code.  We aim to take a dry and at times a confusing Code, give clarity, add relevant examples, cases and scenarios and make it come alive.

Our approach is a bit different.

Becoming a final signatory or a Code expert does not happen overnight.  It should not be a one-off course approach.  This is why our expert programme supports you for 6 months giving you time to hone your Code knowledge and skills.  We’ll support you in that journey with a mix of different learning approaches – self-directed eLearning, live training, live monthly group Code discussions, Code case updates, personal mentoring sessions and online quizzes.

About the programme

It has 20+ self-directed eLearning modules with mini-videos to explain key concepts, scenarios and activities to test your knowledge.  The course covers the whole of the Code and dives into key cases from the last 10 years as well as policies and complaint management.

The programme also includes

  • Access to our advanced Code level course, to build up your knowledge and skills.
  • Access to the expert eLearning modules for 6 months – use it as an expert resource to dip in and out of the topics as needs be.
  • Individual and group support sessions.
  • Personal access to our Code case update sessions.
  • Competency quizzes to assess your development.


The investment for this 6 month course is £4,875 + VAT per person.

Who is the programme for?

You must be working in the pharmaceutical industry and have some ABPI Code experience.  The programme is aimed at final medical or business signatories or anyone taking on an expert Code champion role in their company.  Existing experts are welcome to take the course as a refresher.

If you are outside industry and want to strengthen your CV we suggest you take our introduction, intermediate or advance courses. You need to have hands on access to materials. You can also read signatory tips in our recent blog post.

How do I join this programme?

Access to this programme is by application only.  We need to make sure this is the right approach for you and us.  To apply, please send us a quick message outlining your current experience, what support you need and when you’d like to start.  We’ll come back to you as soon as we can.



You must be working in the pharmaceutical industry and have some ABPI Code experience.

How does it differ from other signatory courses?

This is a hybrid course and so takes the best of both worlds – self-directed eLearning modules that you can fit around your role and live online discussions and mock materials to review. We truly want to support you to become a Code expert and give you support for 6 months.  This is not a do a short course approach like others. You’ll tap into Jayne’s 20+ years of Code knowledge having trained literally thousands of people over the years.

When does the course start?

You can start the course anytime.  Since it is mainly self-directed, you can set your pace and join the next live sessions as they become available.  We’ll send you a list of all the key dates so you can plan ahead.

Will I definitely be a final signatory after taking this course?

We promise to give you high quality training, but as you’d expect, we can’t guarantee that you’ll become a final signatory at the end.  There is no national signatory exam and so each company sets the required standards.  Your success is dependent on a number of factors that we have no control over.  But we do know that showing up and committing to learning is the first step to success.

What do people think about our courses?

We are an award-winning training company and currently support 80-100 companies every year with their ABPI Code of Practice training.  Here is some recent feedback from our courses.

“A massive thank you for the training session yesterday.  It has been years since I’ve attended any training that I felt was interesting, relevant, appropriate, and helpful in a practical way, and yesterday was all of that and more.”

“Thank you so much for a fabulous session this morning.”

“Really useful and interesting course – thank you! The eLearning environment was so easy to navigate and the pre-learning videos and exercises were a great refresher to do in advance of the webinar. The webinar itself was really interactive and it was great to have the opportunity to ask questions in real time. For what could be a very dry subject, the three hours seemed to fly by!”

Any questions?

Do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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