ABPI Code training for teams

If you have a team that need training on the ABPI Code of Practice, they can either join our regular open sessions or we can run a bespoke session for you.

ABPI Code training for teams – our two approaches

If you need to train your team on the ABPI Code of Practice, we are here to help.  We’ve run hundreds of bespoke sessions for companies, tailoring the content and learning style to fill your training gaps.  So if you need Sales representatives training on the Code, need AQPs upskilled or a deep dive into social media, we can help.

But sometimes a team has mixed needs and has different knowledge levels.  A better approach might be to use our open courses, getting the right person on the right course, at the right time.  We call this the pick and mix approach.

Option 1 – pick and mix our open courses

Teams often have people with different Code requirements and different levels of knowledge.  Our pick and mix approach gives you access to four open courses to suit their needs.

If you buy 10 or more places we’ll give you a discount.  The places are valid for 12 months giving flexibility for the year.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss price options or want to know more about this option.

Option 2 – bespoke sessions

If you prefer your own Code training session, run on a specific date and time or on specific topics, we can also do this.  We specialise in  bespoke sessions – a half-day on zoom or a full day face to face workshop.  Recent sessions have included:

  • Deep dive topic discussions about the Code for medical writers, social media, collaborative working
  • Code training and refresher sessions for Sales representatives
  • Quarterly Code update sessions for company town hall meetings
  • The Code for specific third parties – events organisers, PR agencies or strategic agencies

Do get in touch if you’d like to explore a bespoke session in more detail.