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ABPI Code of Practice – social media planner

Our top tips for planning Code compliant social media posts.  Download our free guide of top tips and considerations to navigate the ABPI Code of Practice.

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ABPI Code of Practice – key changes to the 2021 ABPI Code of Practice

I have also done several free training sessions for Peter Llewellyn – Director of NetworkPharma Ltd and Founder of the MedComms Networking Community.  This is the most recent session where I covered the key changes to the 2021 ABPI Code of Practice.  Be aware this was recorded before the 2021 Code was completely finalised and so the information may may have changed slightly, but it gives another example of my style and approach.  Always refer to the 2021 Code.

Medical Information skills – literature searching skills

If you’re looking to brush up your literature skills, watch our short, 20 minute top tips video.  Join our mailing list and as a thank you, we’ll give you access.

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