ABPI Code of Practice for medical writers

If you’re a medical writer for the pharmaceutical industry, is the ABPI Code of Practice on your radar?  If not, it should be!

People often incorrectly associate the Code only with promoting mdicines, but the scope goes way beyond this and includes patient materials, many non-promotional activities and could impact on writing clinical paper manuscripts if they are later given out by company Sales representatives.

I recently attended a MedComms networking event and gave two short presentations which give writers some tips about working with the Code.  These videos are now in the library of 40+ free sessions.  Enjoy!

The ABPI Code of Practice – what it is and should it be on your radar?


The ABPI Code of Practice – common pitfalls for medical writers

We offer ABPI Code of Practice training courses – both in-house and open courses in London – and so if you realise you need some training, do get in touch.