3 easy ways to be more efficient

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When we do quality and efficiency reviews, often for Medical Information, common themes emerge.  These are my top three questions that can really make a difference.

Question 1:  When to stop?

If you’re working on a report or checking a piece of promotional material, don’t keep tweaking, adjusting and suggesting … forever.

  • Assess the work initially, set yourself a time limit, stay focused and stick to that time allocation.
  • And be clear about what you are and are not expected to do so you don’t create extra work.  So if you check colleagues’ letters,  don’t get carried away re-writing just because you don’t like their style – it lengthens the process unnecessarily and wastes time for everyone.

Question 2: Am I the best person to do this task?

Are all the tasks you do appropriate for your level?  I’ve seen countless managerial hours wasted arranging meetings or photocopying documents – not an ideal use of their time or expertise.

  • Match the task to the right level of person.  Delegate tasks up and down as needed.
  • And delegating shouldn’t mean guilt – it often means job enrichment and development for others.

Question 3:  Why?

And probably the biggest question to constantly ask – why?  Why a certain way, why a particular process, why our department?

  • Check there is a clear business need or value in everything you do.
  • And if the answer is “we’ve always done it”, that’s not a good reason!  Challenge the status quo.

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